Talks designed to inspire, spark mindset shifts, and strengthen the connection within and to others.

Change is a constant in life. And it can be exhilarating, devastating, unexpected, planned, or something in between. But the details don’t matter. Change rattles us regardless.

Because there’s no controlling it.

No say in how the process will unfold.

Or how everything will turn out.

And when we’re in the thick of change, we feel alone. Like no one understands. Or has ever walked in our shoes. Which brings up some pretty tough emotions:

Deep-seated Fear. Confusion. Frustration.

Self-doubt. Judgment. Comparison.

And they determine our thoughts and outlook on life. Talk about a grim, isolating picture.

But this isn’t how things have to be. They can be different. And I’m here to show you how, using mindfulness and mindset work.

Because nothing lights me up more than witnessing someone have that “aha moment”. When they see a personal “flaw” as a strength the first time. When they finally understand the core belief or thought that causes an automatic, emotional reaction rather than a calm, rational response. When they feel like they suddenly have an entirely new lease on life, having found the opportunity within their struggles.

Which is why I lead talks and workshops on mindfulness, change management, and mindset work. Because something profound happens in a group setting. When people unite in the same room, they discover a commonality with others. They realize they’re not alone. Someone else has been in their shoes and felt the same way. Which quiets their self doubt and boosts their confidence.

That’s the magic of group experiences. They facilitate mindset shifts by design.

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Workshop Topics Include:

• How to mindfully navigate change

• Mindfulness and self-compassion

• Mindfulness for stress relief

• Gratitude in the workplace

• What it means to have a resilience mindset

• The relationship between our mindset and our emotions

• Why mindfulness is the key to leadership

And more!

I’ve worked with companies including: SoulCycle, The Guggenheim Museum and Teachers College, Columbia University.


I’d love to connect with you about how we can work together at your next event or offsite.