Settle Your Mind.

Meditation is the practice of learning how to be okay with what is. Rather than trying to fix it, or make things better. It’s a practice of being gentle with and compassionate towards who you are. Of seeing and becoming familiar with your quality of mind that day.

All of this is integral when it comes to navigating change. And let’s be real: Change describes life in general. Because we live in a high speed, “always on” world. A world that values transformation and innovation. That over stimulates us with social media, cell phones, endless emails, and more. A world that seems to change faster than we can keep up with.

As a result, you and your team feel like there’s never a moment of stillness. That it’s impossible to find clarity, take purposeful action, or show up fully. Because when you have no time to rest your mind or fully rejuvenate, how can you contribute to your team, company or the world?

Let me show you how.

Offerings –

I offer personalized, guided meditation instruction in private and group settings at companies and organizations, either as part of an existing event or as a stand alone experience.

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I’ve worked with companies including:

• SoulCycle

• The Guggenheim Museum

• Teacher’s College, Columbia University

• Bombas

• Glossier

• WeWork

• Atlantic Records


If you’re interested in learning more about meditation opportunities at your company, let’s chat!