Move Through Change Thinking, “I’ve So Got This” Instead of “Ugh, My Life is Falling Apart.”


When you look back on your life years from now, you want to be able to say you did it right.

That you lived with purpose and meaning. Didn’t waste your time living a life of shoulds, self-doubt, or self-judgment. And definitely not a life filled with regrets or what if’s.

Because your passions, dreams, and desires were your north star.

You found a sense of freedom and empowerment that’s only possible when you forget about conforming to the “norm” and honor who you are.

...and yet. Here you are.

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Present day, and life couldn’t feel further from that ideal picture. You’re completely untethered by all the change in your life. Which is making you feel like you’re floating between the person you once were and the person you’re meant to be.

You’re overwhelmed and unsure.

You’re questioning everything.

You’ve stopped trusting yourself, and you’re discrediting your inner wisdom.

You’re so wildly uncomfortable, and you want out. Stat.

Being the self-aware human you are, you don’t want to let this time stunt your growth. You want to use it to enhance it. This space between is a blank page that you really want to capitalize on.

But you’re scared.

What if I think I know what’s best, but I actually have no idea?

What if I make the wrong choice?

What if I really put myself out there and get completely rejected?

What if I never live up to my potential?

What if I never get through this?

Everyone around you keeps giving you generic advice. Telling you what you should do. You wish you had someone who actually listens. Someone who’s on your team. Someone who supports and celebrates you for breaking the mold and carving your own path.

If you’re really being honest, you feel so alone. So needless to say, you’re stuck. Paralyzed by indecision and fear. Overthinking everything. Held captive by analysis paralysis.

You know deep down there’s got to be a better way to get through this. That you have it in you to rise above. To make it to the other side of change not only intact, but better than when you started.

If you can only figure out how.


Want to know the secret?

Mindfulness + Mindset Work.

Because mindfulness teaches us how to strengthen our awareness muscle so we can stay grounded, which allows us to both embrace and enjoy the journey. Once we’re present, the mindset work can begin.

It’s my specialty to help you get out of your head and adopt a new outlook on life. To help you see and understand that it’s not what happens to you that matters – it’s your thoughts, perspective and outlook that hold all the power. Here’s the truth: the way you see things is where the value lies.


Meet the Coaching Program That Will Give You YOUR CONFIDENCE BACK

Change Empowerment Program

A 3-month coaching partnership with me as your grounding, supportive thought-partner in a safe, comfortable space that allows you to embrace and be yourself completely. You’ll walk away empowered confident to navigate change by honoring who you are.

And if you’re ready to take things to another level, I offer private mindfulness meditation instruction as a program addition. Learn how to meditate, develop a consistent practice, inquire about your own meditation experiences, and receive private, guided instruction in an intimate and personalized setting. This is a great option if you’re curious about how meditation can support you during change and be applied to your daily experiences, feeling isolated or confused in your practice, or looking for accountability.

The Details –

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here’s what you can expect

A significant boost in self-confidence that’s here to stay

A level of clarity you never thought possible

A new perspective and outlook on life

The internal capacity to see and stay focused on the big picture

A redefined, more positive and empowered sense of self

The ability to stay in the moment and appreciate what is

An ability to see the opportunities hidden within the craziness of change (and capitalize on them)

An ability to stay true to yourself no matter what

An understanding of, commitment to and the tools you need to create a life of purpose, meaning and joy

Greater resilience to change (and let’s face it -- the ups and downs of life in general) and the emotional stability that comes with it

A knowing that you can handle anything that comes your way

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This program is for you if…

You’re looking for support to help you reclaim the power over your life and stop feeling like your life is the one controlling you

You want to make the most of all the change in your life and use it as an opportunity

You’re stuck in analysis paralysis, overwhelmed by all the questions and unknowns in front of you. You’re having trouble taking action and have no idea where to start

You’re sick of the status quo and living your life for everyone else. You’re ready to live your life for you

You want to find a way to slow down and actually be present in your life rather than get distracted or lost in the busyness of the day to day

You can’t ignore that inner voice telling you it’s time to do things differently, but you’re struggling with internal resistance to stepping out and doing your own thing

You don’t feel like anyone supports or understands you and your desire to challenge the norm

This period of transition has you questioning everything and makes you feel like your life is falling apart

You want out of this difficult period as soon as possible, but you know that the real growth and learning comes from sticking with and finding a way through it

You’re afraid to really put yourself out there. It feels safer to put up a front and conform rather than be vulnerable, even though you know it holds you back


Ready to take the first step towards creating the life you’ve always wanted? Let’s chat!