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“Working with Sofia has been an absolute blessing. Her kind, caring, understanding, patient and loving nature instantly leaves you feeling soothed and supported from the first conversation. She makes mindfulness, meditation and even formal psychology concepts digestible and easy to understand, and I walked away with strategies to ensure I’m always focused on being the person I want to be. If you're looking for a coach who is as equally as invested in your growth and success as you are, then look no further. Sofia is the one!”

– Mel E.

“Before working with Sofia, I was stuck in my head and trying to control everything in my life. I felt discouraged and deflated when I started working with her, but Sofia has an incredibly soothing nature. I felt comfortable right away and found relief in just a few short weeks. She has this superpower of reframing things so I could look at my thoughts and actions in a new light. Since working with Sofia, I’m now living my life with greater awareness. I’m forever grateful!”

– Jess M.


“Sofia is a thoughtful partner that will help guide you further into self-discovery. Her easy going nature and mindfulness approach was a welcomed way to help me consider both myself and the work I wanted to achieve in a much more "whole person" scope.”

– Sasha W.


“Working with Sofia has been a life changing experience. We started working together during a time of significant transition that shook me out of autopilot in my career, after a series of jobs that had me feeling burnt out and depleted and had me wondering how I could achieve fulfillment in my career, while serving my truths.

During the first 4 months working with Sofia I transitioned in my career out of a job that was not serving me to one that brings me the fulfillment I was looking for - and the ability to make that transition came from the shift in my mindset, and the decision to honor my truth across all aspects of my life.

Prior to working with Sofia, I didn't think it was possible or "normal" to be on a path of true authenticity across all aspects of my life, but in working with her I began understanding where and how I was subconsciously limiting myself in achieving that.

Sofia has helped me create the awareness and harness the ability to change the way I think about my experiences to continuously unmask my goals, understand my true intentions and fulfill them in my life & career.

As a result I find myself able to manifest the things that I want by shaping my experience getting there - I am so glad I took the opportunity to work with Sofia, because it's changed the way I move through life, with a new appreciation of keeping myself at the center!”

– Christine K.


“Prior to working with Sofia, I was in a state of self-doubt and felt very insecure about myself and my business. I felt like I was spinning in circles, running on a treadmill and getting nowhere. I was doing a lot of thinking, but not a lot of action to see if my problem was real…or if I just perceived it was real.

Sofia was able to help me reframe my problem, which allowed me to see it from a different point of view. Once we zeroed in on the issue I was having, I realized that most of the "problem" was just thoughts getting in my own way, and was not even a true story. This allowed me the strength to take immediate action.”

– Erin A.


“Working with Sofia was a transformational experience for me, and came at the perfect time. I went from an office job I didn't like much to working for myself, and Sofia helped me sort through all of the weeds that came up along the way. I came out of our time together with a whole chest of new tools and a lot more awareness, happiness and confidence. I would recommend working with Sofia to anyone, especially if you're working through a transition.”

– Maria L.

“Sofia’s approach is as direct and no-nonsense as it is compassionate. She inspires me to challenge myself to improve long standing patterns of behavior, without encouraging me to be hard on myself. I now carry more awareness of my patterns in daily life, and even imagine her voice in my head when I feel tempted to do something that I know won't benefit my wellbeing!”

– Eileen G.


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