Why You Shouldn't Underestimate Your Thoughts


When it comes to leadership, people most often think about what they’re DOING rather than who they’re BEING. 

They’re focused on the actions they’re taking, the projects they’re running and the tasks they’re checking off the list.

We all undoubtedly do a lot in any given day. Feeling accomplished and purposeful is wonderful and can be quite satisfying, but there’s a lingering issue here as far as I’m concerned. 

When we only focus on the actions we’re taking, it becomes far too easy to ignore the WHO behind them. We lose sight of our inner leader– the guide who helps us figure out the “why” behind our actions, what matters to us, what we stand for, what our values are and more. 

When we only associate the things we do at work or in life with leadership, we’re essentially ignoring the value our thoughts and overall mindset have on our ability to lead. This is an understandable pitfall— our thoughts are intangible and hard to measure or track. I’m here to tell you however that our thoughts are just as – if not more – important than our actions when it comes to leadership. 

Still not convinced? 

Try this fun visualization exercise*: 

(*Note: I recommend having a friend read the below script to you. Or if you want to get crafty, record it on your phone and then play it back to yourself!)

Close your eyes. 

You’re standing in your kitchen. In front of you is a cutting board, a bright yellow lemon and a knife. 

Pick up the knife and cut the lemon in half. Place one half to the side and cut the other half into quarters. 

Pick up one of the quarter pieces of the lemon. You can smell the lemon, feel the rind in your hands and some lemon juice dripping down your fingers. 

Place the lemon quarter in your mouth and suck on the juice. 

Open your eyes. 

Well, did you start to salivate? Crazy, right?! My mouth started to water just writing this article, and the same thing happens whenever I do the exercise myself. 

The takeaway? 

Your mind is very powerful and has a far greater impact than you could ever imagine — especially on your body (stressed, anyone?). 

So don’t underestimate the power your mindset can have— especially when it comes to leadership. 

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