Embrace Curiosity to Manage Change


Change is incredibly challenging because it throws us for a loop — Every. Single. Time.  

Whether it’s your 10th or 100th time going through a transition, you’re always going to learn something new about yourself. What triggers you. What makes you tick. What you’re really having trouble letting go of. What you’re (surprisingly) able to throw by the wayside as you move right along.

Change asks us to go against our routines – even if our routine is to NOT have a routine – and do things differently. And doing things differently is HARD. Unfamiliar. Requires a learning curve. Anything but easy.

And just to be clear, your personality isn’t to blame for the struggles associated with change. We’re actually wired to prefer and seek out consistency in our lives. I say this often: even though we’ve evolved as a species since the cave man era, our bodies have not. We’re still wired for the days of “kill or be killed”. Our bodies understand the familiarity of consistency and routine as safety. We know it, and we understand it. Change, unknowns and risk? They’re like flashing red signs of danger for our body’s internal system. I.e. cut and run.

Ready for more? Negative emotions actually narrow our perspective and make us see less of what’s possible. When we feel poorly in the midst of change, our negative emotions act as blinders, blocking us from recognizing the opportunities available. 

So, yes. The odds are stacked against us when it comes to change.

BUT (and isn’t there always a but?) — I want to share another fun fact about the brain I learned from Brené Brown that serves as a great mindset shift. In an interview with Oprah on her podcast, Brené shared this nugget of wisdom: 

“You need to know a little bit about something in order to be curious about it.”

Pause. Let that sink in.

What’s the key takeaway, you ask? Well, not only is it harder for us to see the opportunities before us in times of transition, but we’re also less likely to go after something new because we don’t even know if it’s something that would interest us.

It’s so easy to say that you “just know” that something isn’t for you. Or tell yourself that it’s not a good fit. Or write it off from the get go.

Sound familiar? If so, me too. I’ve been there — we all have.

But have you taken the time to learn even the slightest detail about that new job, company or career path? Have you sought out the spark that may pique your interest about a viable, exciting and joy-inducing next step?

I propose you shift your focus from finding answers to asking questions. How can you view your choices as part of a larger, longer term exploratory path? Embrace a curious mindset – it’ll help you get present, be mindful and appreciate the journey to the other side of change.

Because remember, it’s not what happens but our perspective that holds all the value in life. Choose curiosity and learning and enjoy the ride. 

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