Say goodbye to what you “should” do and figure out what’s best for you.

I’m here to help you get your confidence back so you can navigate change with personal agency, clarity, and strength.

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Life right now?

It’s feeling a bit unsettled. Perhaps you recently lost your job. Or maybe you’re feeling called to change industries. Or maybe your role at work has shifted so much that you're not even sure what you do anymore. Or you might even be toying around with starting a business.

Either way, you’re faced with many unknowns, self-doubts, and opinions from others about what you “should” do. How you should handle it all. And while you’re the type that does care and wants to make others proud, you’re also ready to use this time wisely.

To use it to create what you really want. Because you can. Because you know it’s possible to live with more meaning, more purpose, more joy. To be the best version of yourself possible.

You have this dream of what your life could look like. Of what you could create or do if you could manage to stay confident, grounded and connected to yourself despite the chaos of change.

It lights you up inside just thinking about it. Because it’s not just about being successful, the best, or making a lot of money. You want to make a difference. You want to have an impact on the world. You want what you do to matter.

The key ingredient to making this all happen?

Living your life authentically. Trusting yourself. Being confident in who you are. Understanding what makes you happy and drives you forward.

Making this dream a reality feels more possible than it ever has before. Because your life now consists of one big change after the other, and it’s not yet clear what’s to come. But no matter how hard you try, or how well-intentioned you may be, the overwhelming amount of unknowns, questions, and advice from others has left you feeling wildly disempowered. Suddenly everything that used to make sense doesn’t anymore. It’s like the world is spinning out underneath your feet. So you’re doubting yourself. You feel helpless, like the victim of everything going on around you. No one’s ever taught you how to effectively cope with change in a healthy way, and now that life is all over the place, any hopes of doing it on your own have flown out the window. You know you’re in need of support and guidance.

And that’s where I come in.

I’m a pro at honoring who you are with every decision you make and standing strong in those decisions. I empower you to find the answers within yourself and discover the mindset shifts and tools you need to stay centered. You’ll get crystal clear on what the root of your block is and what you want to create. Then we’ll move on to who you are and what matters. From there, you’ll learn how to translate these thoughts into actionable steps.

I already believe in you and the life you want to create. I know that it’s possible, and I’m here to help you make it a reality.

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 My Story

Everyone has their own life-rattling, identity-crisis provoking, internal chaos-inducing story following a big change. And I want to tell you mine.


I had just moved into my first apartment with friends after college, trying to make a go of it as an “adult” in New York City. I was busy navigating the city I grew up in from an entirely new perspective, with a job that had me on the road more than in the office. Living out of a suitcase has some perks for an early-20 something, but providing time for personal inquiry, reflection, and growth definitely wasn’t one of them. I wasn’t present or mindful in my day to day experiences, and I was too busy to even notice– or care.   

Then, it happened: My parents told me they were ending their marriage of 27 years. My life changed in an instant, and suddenly nothing was the same. I learned the hard way that my sense of self and identity were inexplicably linked to my cohesive family unit. And once that was gone, so was any understanding of who I was or what mattered to me. I felt like I was drowning in a sea of self-doubt and unknowns. I had no idea how to move forward, let alone make it to the other side of this massive change intact.

Friends and family gave me endless advice, yet none of it really rang true. I greatly appreciated hearing all the ways other people dealt with divorce or their own bout with intense change, but none of it really helped as much as I’d hoped. I decided that it was up to me to find something – anything, really – to rediscover who I was and find a way forward. I knew it was time to turn inwards and embark on a personal growth journey to find the answers, and I’m so glad I did.

I began by starting a meditation practice and signing up for a yoga teacher training. And this is when everything shifted.

It was a cold, dreary Friday night in January. I was huddled up on the floor in one of the first weeks of training, exhausted. It had been a long week at work, and the bulk of my three hour yoga philosophy class was still ahead of me. My attention was starting to wane, but in an instant I was alert. I’ll never forget the jolt of electricity that ran through me the moment I heard my teacher say that “we are not our minds”.

I felt it physically before I processed it mentally. A surge of heat rushed down my body from the crown of my head to the tip of my toes, butterflies erupted in my stomach, and a slow, wide grin spread across my face. My mind started to race as I understood that it is possible to rise above the chatter within, separate ourselves from our thoughts, and take back control over our minds and our lives. Pure joy surged through my body. I felt relieved.

This marked a profound shift in how I viewed my life: It’s not the events itself that matter– it’s our thoughts that hold value. Our perception of what happens has all the power. I suddenly realized that if I focused on my thoughts and overall mindset, then my circumstances could and would change.

This seemingly simple yet profound shift in perspective inspired me to learn as much about the mind as I could, which ultimately led me to get a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology and Education with a concentration in Mind Body Practice and a Coaching emphasis. I felt called to understand the mind from as many disciplines as possible – especially psychology, the most widely recognized and in many ways respected modalities.

However, the magic and wisdom of this experience doesn’t stop there. The real learning occurred when I realized that paying attention to my thoughts allowed me get to know myself better.

Being mindful and present helped me get clear on my values, needs and desires. THAT’S what helped me reclaim my confidence. Put one foot in front of the other and create a path forward that was best for me. I learned firsthand that there’s no “right” formula to navigating and dealing with change. The only thing that matters is finding a process that feels authentic and right for YOU.

Take graduate school, for example. No one really understood why I wanted to turn down a promotion and leave a coveted, full-time marketing position at a very well-known start up. To get a degree that had no guarantees when it came to financial success or a job down the line, no less. But I just knew it was right. I got clear on what I wanted, my passions, and the impact I wanted to have on the world. Once I knew that, school was a no-brainer. And if I hadn’t taken that leap and trusted myself, then I wouldn’t be where I am today.

When I honored my own truth in transition, I didn’t just make it to the other side alive. I walked my path with confidence, ease, and a newfound sense of strength. As for “the other side”? It’s a place even better than I could’ve ever imagined.

Today, it’s my mission to empower my clients to get their confidence back through the development of self-awareness, emotional stability, and a new perspective. All so they can lead a life of their choosing. Of purpose, meaning, and joy. Within that, I help them to understand that it’s not what happens to us that matters. The way we see things is where the value lies.

I’m passionate about this work because it speaks to my heart. I’ve been in your shoes, and I know your pain and frustration. Your deep desire to stop living a life that doesn’t feel like your own. But I also know what it feels like to overcome it all. To finally feel like the creator of a life rather than the victim. And I’m dedicated to helping others discover that they can do the same.

The life of your dreams isn’t out of reach.


Professional Bio

Sofia Adler is a Teachers College, Columbia University trained coach who empowers you to reclaim your confidence when moving through change. She helps her clients tap into who they really are using mindfulness and mindset work so they can avoid the myriad of “shoulds” or advice out there in the world and intentionally create the life they’ve always wanted. She also leads workshops and teaches mindfulness meditation for individuals and companies, including SoulCycle, WeWork, Glossier, Bombas and Atlantic Records.

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Credentials + Education

MA from Teachers College, Columbia University, Clinical Psychology and Education, Concentration in Mind Body Practice and Coaching Emphasis (100+ hours of training) (2019)

Open Heart Project Meditation Instructor Certification (2018)

MentorCoach Foundations Coaching Certification (2018)

Restorative Teacher Training, Yoga Vida NYC (2018)

Motivational Interviewing Introduction Training (2017)

Yoga Philosophy Training (Yoga Sutras), Yoga Vida NYC (2017)

Yoga 200-hour RYT certified, Yoga Vida NYC (2015)

BA from Colgate University, Sociology (2011)


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