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Change is inevitable. And it never feels easy, whether it’s life change #10 or #100. But what if instead of feeling like,“Ugh, everything’s falling apart,” you walked around feeling like “I’ve got this”? What if you got clear on your wants, desires and needs, and that’s what finally made you feel in control, empowered, and like you’re the creator of your life? This can be you. I’ll show you how.


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Challenge Your Limiting Beliefs + Change Your Mindset

Your go-to guide to discovering that your thoughts create your reality.

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Hi hello! – I’m Sofia.

A Mindset + Mindfulness Coach

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I’m here to tell you that it is possible to navigate change in a way that both feels less disruptive, more empowering and honors who you are. As the reassuring and grounding force you never knew you needed, I specialize in helping you figure out what’s next by leveraging your truth and inner wisdom. Because “what’s next” is so much more than what you’ll do or achieve. It’s about your purpose – what you want to contribute, the impact you want to have, and the legacy you want to leave behind. And the answer to THAT has to come from within. Together we’ll peel back the layers, find clarity, and get you moving towards what you really want.

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Here’s how I can support you.

Change Empowerment Program


Discover how to get your confidence back with newfound clarity, tools, and action steps that allow you to honor what matters: YOU. You’ll walk away empowered, feeling in control and able to move through change with ease.


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